E-Bikes for Africa

A bicycle ambulance saves lives. Not only can many locations not be reached in an emergency situation by car but fuel is often too expensive and scarce in rural areas.
EURIST’s E-bike Ambassador, Bjarne Mädel.
One of many completely overloaded bikes that you can see in Africa. Imagine carrying that for a long distance under the African sun.
1 bike, 3 transport options. the ambulance bike, taxi bike and for transporting heavy stuff.
Introducing FABIO’s founder Patrick Kayemba. This picture was taken in April 2019 during Bjarne’s visit to our E-Bike Project.
how it all started, Jürgen Perschon our vice president and founder of EURIST travelling through Africa by bike.
The roads in parts of Uganda.
Sharing the E-Bike Project success at the Rotary International Convention 2019.
One of the 3 E-Bikes launched in the 2017 E-Bike Project.
Often children live far away from school and either do not go at all or have long distances to cover on foot, our bike helps to bring children to school in a faster and sustainable way.
On their way to school on our bike not only a more sustainable version than the mofa (you see also in the picture) but also much more safer as well on the roads of Uganda