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In close cooperation with FABIO (First African Bicycle Information Organisation) and SunCycles Namibia, EURIST provides solar-powered Ebikes as innovative mobility option for a livable future. Since 2017 our Ebikes have travelled over 20.000km in Uganda – with the energy of the African sun and made daily life easier for many people. Bjarne Mädel, German Actor, became our Ebike-Ambassador in April 2019. See his impressions of the project in the video below and find out more about our Namibian partner here:

“E-Bikes-for-Africa” receives support from the actor Bjarne Mädel, also known in his roles in “Tatortreiniger” or from his last movie “25 kmh”. Bjarne, who himself at a young age lived in Nigeria for a while, shows his connection to Africa both on stage in the play “Benefit-Everybody saves an African” and in his private life. In April 2019 he visited EURIST’s E-Bike project in Uganda. He is now EURIST’s Ebike-Ambassador. A short clip, directed by Bjarne himself, summarises his impressions.

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EURIST’s Team is supporting sustainable transport in various ways. We initiate tailormade bicycle projects to support people in the rural and urban areas of Africa. With these bicycles people get the chance to integrate in the society, they improve their access to education and healthcare and they also get the chance to boost their economic wellbeing. For more information please visit our bicycle projects page! To financially support us please choose if you want to transfer money to our back account :

Reference: ebikesforafrica
Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN: DE91 2005 0550 1393 1255 86

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The funding of EURIST is twofold. On one hand we offer consultancy services, project work and lectures, which we are paid for. On the other hand however, we need your support to be able to maintain the economic stability and independency that enables us to stick to our principles.
That´s why it is your help that makes the difference between a market-orientated consultancy firm and a non-profit organisation like EURIST. For informations click below!

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